If you are facing criminal charges for transporting illegal drugs, it is vital that you find the right lawyer to defend you.  The Phoenix Law Offices of José A. Saldivar represents clients in Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Mesa and Tempe who have been arrested or charged with drug transportation.  The types of drugs involved in the transportation cases we handle include marijuanacocainecrack cocainecrystal methecstasyheroin and prescription drugs.

Drug transportation charges can be complicated because different Federal and State laws apply depending upon where and how the drugs were transported. If drugs are transported between states or internationally, the charge can be considered a felony offense and might include the involvement of federal prosecutors, the DEA and the FBI. Due to the complicated nature of these charges and the types of institutions that may become involved with your case, you need to seek the support of a qualified and experienced Phoenix Drug Transportation Attorney.


Drug transportation involves the transportation or movement of an illegal controlled substance from one place to another. Drug transportation is a criminal offense and is a serious charge in Phoenix. Most drug transportation cases involve the use of a car or other vehicle to move the drugs from one location to another. Simply being in the same vehicle as the marijuana, meth or other drug does not automatically mean you are guilty. The prosecution must also prove that you knew you were transporting them. José A. Saldivar knows the methods used by police and prosecutors to make their case against you in court. Armed with this valuable experience, José will know what to expect and he can help you develop an aggressive defense from day one. Depending upon the extent of the drug transportation charges against you and whether or not you have an existing criminal record, you could face the following penalties if convicted:

  • Lengthy Prison time.
  • Exceedingly Large Fines.
  • Probation.
  • Vehicle Forfeiture.
  • Driver's License Revocation.

Because most drug transportation cases involve large quantities of cocaine, marijuana, crack, heroine, methamphetamine or ecstasy, you will likely be facing a long, mandatory prison sentence if convicted. Depending on the type of drug involved, formal charges of transportation of a narcotic drug or a dangerous drug might be filed against you. Don't let a drug transportation conviction risk destroying your future. Hire a Phoenix Drug Criminal Defense Attorney who has the experience and knowledge necessary to protect your rights and your future. As a lawyer who has a reputation for providing Serious and Aggressive Representation to every Phoenix client, Attorney José A. Saldivar will dedicate himself to your case in order to ensure the best possible result for your Drug Transportation Charges.