An Examination Under Oath can lead to serious consequences! We strongly advise that you have a lawyer for the entire EUO process. However, you are not required to have one. Look at it this way, do you need a surgeon to perform surgery? Of course you don't. You can buy a scalpel and do it yourself but what do you think the results will be? Just like you shouldn't pretend to be a doctor, you shouldn't pretend to be a lawyer.

Of course, many people have handled the EUO process without a lawyer and they turned out just find. However, many people have also buried themselves and have wound up having their claim denied and plenty have even been arrested. See, if the insurance company can prove fraud, they can easily deny the entire claim. Even if you are innocent, you are still at risk. Plenty of innocent people go to prison each and every day. You have to understand that the insurance company is not going to waste all this money if they don't think that there is something there. They are gunning for you and you need to fight back or risk getting pulled over. This not only starts with getting a lawyer but it starts with getting the right lawyer.