Saldivar & Associates, PLLC specializes in both the defense and prosecution of civil lawsuits. No matter if we are representing a plaintiff or a defendant, our philosophy is always the same: be aggressive and be fast. We believe the faster we can marshall all of the evidence the faster we can get you the result you are looking for. Our approach often results in the satisfactory settlement of the case long before the litigation process has run its course through trial.

Many of our clients have never been involved in a lawsuit before. We take the time to educate you about all aspects of your case so you don't feel like you are just along for the ride. From discovery, demurrers, motions for summary judgment, depositions and trial, we will let you know what everything is about and why we are doing what we are doing. After all, it is your case and you have a right to know.

In the last year the Law Offices of Jose A. Saldivar has handled cases involving business litigation disputes, breach of contract, fraud, wrongful termination, personal injury (both defense and for the injured party), real estate cases and more. Contact our office now to see the difference an Aggressive Civil Litigator can make in your case!