Cocaine possession, whether a minor quantity that could only be for personal use, or larger amounts in which it is alleged that there was an intent to sell, is heavily punished in our state. A conviction will lead to a felony conviction on your criminal record, a period served in county jail or state prison, and expensive fines. Your first action after an arrest is to contact our Phoenix drug crime defense attorney. At the Law Offices of José A. Saldivar, we represent defendants in drug crime cases, and we are prepared to help you to defend against the charges. Call our offices today to arrange an initial consultation. Do not risk your freedom and future. Call upon a true legal professional and trial lawyer to represent you.


The possession, sale, or trafficking of cocaine are all felony charges in our state. There are certain options that could be pursued for first time offenders. In certain cases involving allegations only of personal possession, you may be eligible to have your case dismissed through a diversion program if it is your first offense. Repeat offenders will be dealing with very serious consequences with regard to the penalties the court could impose, and are often facing significant prison time. The sale of cocaine is a Class 2 felony, and can lead to thousands of dollars in fines, or 3 times the value of the cocaine found, in addition to a potentially mandatory prison sentence. Trafficking is charged as a Class 2 felony and can likewise lead to years in state prison, as well as the possible forfeiture of your assets such as property or bank accounts if it is believed those items were involved in a trafficking operation.

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