Nik Thompson received his bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and law degree from ASU law. During law school, Nik was selected as a Senior Fellow at the McCarthy Institute, named after the world-renowned author of the multi-volume treatise, McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition Law, which has been cited in over 7,000 judicial opinions. Nik also contributed as a staff writer for Jurimetrics, the Journal of Law, Science, and Technology.  Since graduating, Nik has continued to gain experience working on a range of issues encompassing public sector labor and employment law, personal injury, and contract claims. Additionally, he has assisted local associations on matters involving corporate governance, collective bargaining, unfair labor practices, and intellectual property law. 
In his free time, Nik loves to spend time with his wonderful wife, Jessica, and their sweet dog, Finnegan. Nik particularly enjoys wine tasting, travel, coaching soccer, and volunteering in the community.