Embezzlement can lead to serious consequences, and in many cases, to prison time. An embezzlement conviction can destroy your career, take you from your family, and take away your freedom.

In general, if you're looking for information about embezzlement charges in federal court, you should look primarily at our general page on fraud charges.

There is one thing, though, that you might be interested in that is workplace-specific in federal criminal law.

It used to be that merely depriving your employer of your honest services was a federal crime. So, for example, if you skipped out to go to a baseball game instead of being at work, and you lied to your boss about it, there used to be an argument that this was a federal crime.

The Supreme Court put an end to that kind of nonsense in United States v. Skilling. It's an important case in federal criminal law, especially for people who are facing charges involving their jobs. Here's a link to the Supreme Court's opinion.